About the Project

As part of the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 ARTS FOR ALL project, I had the honour of being named Winnipeg’s Arts Ambassador of Visual Arts.  In addition to advocating for my art form, I am creating a legacy project for the people of Winnipeg.  My project is an action/invitation/call that was conceived as a way for people to experience the benefits of slowness firsthand and to act as a catalyst for integrating this practice in people’s everyday life. The project has three components, the first is a workshop that was given at “My City is Still Breathing”, a symposium exploring the arts, artists, and the city. The “Speed Bump” workshop acted as a space for brainstorming on the topic of slow cities and slow lives, as well as offer the participants an opportunity to experiment with the practice of slowness firsthand in the form of interventions and performances. The second component is the “Do Less, Slowly” blog, which is a forum for you and for others to continue to engage on the topic of slowness and most importantly to collectively create a slow list. This slow list plays a vital role in the third and final part of the project, a Slow Art public art piece that takes the shape of billboards throughout the city with the slowgan “Do Less, Slowly”.

On that note, it’s time to turn the conversation to what you think a slow city and a slow life are…

To learn more about the artist Dominique Rey

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