About the Artist

Dominique Rey

photo credit Robert Barrow

Like many contemporary artists, Dominique Rey works in a number of media. She is a painter; photographer; video artist; and performance artist.

“Her practice is to immerse herself in the world she is using as material, whether that means living with exotic dancers in South Carolina for her photographic series called “Selling Venus/Vénus au miroir” (her Photo Essay from this body of work published in Border Crossings won a Gold Medal at the National Magazine Awards in 2005); or spending months talking with an order of French nuns before creating a body of work of their lives together.” (Robert Enright)

Dominique Rey has shown her work across North America, including solo exhibitions at Plug In ICA, Clark Gallery, Michael Gibson Gallery, Alternator Gallery, Gallery TPW, Truck Gallery, Gallery One One One, and La Maison des artistes. She has been awarded grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, and the Ricard Foundation.  Her work has been reviewed in the Globe & Mail, Frieze, Canadian Art, Border Crossings, and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Dominique Rey completed an MFA in photography at Bard College in 2007 and is currently working on an MFA in New Media at the Transart Institute in Berlin.  Her exhibition “Pilgrims” will be shown for the first time at Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg this fall. In addition to her visual work, Dominique Rey’s activities include performing with the Abzurbs, teaching, doing residencies, and curating.  Rey was a director on the board of Ace Art Inc. from 2002-2009.

Dominique Rey has been appointed Winnipeg’s Visual Arts Ambassador for the 2010 Cultural Capital of Canada.

2 Responses to About the Artist

  1. Mike says:

    Great idea, I have been trying to slow down for years, trying to invest more time in the arts and healthy activities but, honestly, it is people’s demanding jobs that keeps them in high octane overdrive, difficult to control.

  2. Carl Honoré says:

    Hi Dominique,

    Love what you’re doing here and have already put up links on my sites. Just wanted to say hello.

    Keep the Slow flag flying!

    Warm wishes from a fellow Western Canadian now living in London (the original one),

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